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I dont even get this thing. I'm an idiot because I'm actually subscribed to this thing, I PAY weekly and I still RUN OUT OF HOOTS. It's completely retarded that I run out of hoots when I'm paying for it... I'm dumping this app.

Such a piece of garbage. It requires some fucking stupid subscription that renews without alerting you. Costing my family a shitton without us knowing. Cancelling it ended up fucking up our billing plan to my phone.

very nice stories

i even got scared !

Need pictures in the conversation

I love this app Im "hooked " just need to add pics in the story and it will be perfect

I love it!

Especially if I got just a litte time and have to wait for sth/sb, this is an awesome way to stay entertained!! The stories are thrilling! Its waay to expensive tho.. Id never pay that much!

Waste of time

See above

Best Stories!

Coolest app you could imagine! Very adictive

Interesting format

Cant wait to write my own stuff. An auto play functionality for the reading part would make my thumbs life easier.


Cool app but not paying to read when I can read something for free... Nice try

Stupid app

Stories make no sense because they are too short & you can only read one a day.


Love it but wish I could read more than 1 free story a day.


Why do I have to pay to read it

Its okay

This isnt too bad I dont mind short stories like this. But I wont pay to read more than 1 a day sorry not worth the money... Make it free all around and maybe youll get more people giving good reviews...

Love it but wish I could have move the one free one a day

Love it but dont like how I get one free one a day and Im not paying to read it


Love this app

Love it

Most of the stories are actually good.

If you love reading short stories

Great app, tons of short stories.. Plus you can write your own..

Really cool

The concept is nice and the stories are addictive! great app


Wow I absolutely hate reading books but when I started to read some of the storys . I fell in love with the app and now I read a few stories a night

A new era of storytelling

This app is addictive and insanely fun. Short stories are told using text messages between two people. They can be funny or scary or suspenseful. Its a realistic experience that feels more personal than a story and I think this app will go far. Im excited about the future of Hooked and I cant wait for more authors to join!

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