HOOKED - Chat Stories App recensioner


Love it but Some times scares me but still great

Love ittttt

Its a good app

Cons of hooked

The only thing is hoots GET RID OF IT


I downloaded it cause I love a good spooky story. I thought this was going to be a really innovative way to experience horror stories. Turns out to be pointless, you have to pay a subscription charge after less then 3 minutes into a story if you don’t want to wait, then you have to pay if you want to see the pictures/videos the characters in the story send. So don’t even bother downloading and stick to reading free stories on creepy pasta or watt pad or in actual books they have in the library and stores.




Don't get it you can't finish the stories without paying


Worst app ever... please don't download this. Makes you pay to read cheesy stories and once you finish one, you have to pay to see another!!!!

Needs to be cheaper and easier to use.

The subscription is too expensive especially for a story sharing app. It's also too hard to find stories that you see on ads.

The first time I downloaded this app

This was excellent loved the cliffhangers👍😁


this is soooo amazing the stories on here are so fun to read and whenever I'm bored I jut start reading and I instantly feel better omg if u get this app u don't have to subscribe to enjoy all the great stories it is soooo amazing I definitely recommend it.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Great app

I love the app so much but I don’t like how it limits ur reading :/

I love hooked ❤️

Hooked is like the best thing that has ever happened to me. It teached my brother how to read,it entertained me on my long journeys across the world, and also gave me inspiration to become an author someday! I’m a very smart girl and I always make good grades on my report cards it’s always A+ on every test and when I get home from school im ready to read another story. I love reading but why read regular old books when you could just read and listen on “Hooked”? All I want to say is thank you for creating this experience for me in everyday life having no friends to play with when i get home. It honestly means a lot to me to keep reading on hooked for the rest of my life and and being able when I grow up to read these amazing stories to my kids. Love, Kensley Granger (age 10)


Awsome! Love reading all the different books 🤗love the sci fi books

A nice review

This app is great. The app has lots of stories

Advertising is annoying.

I’m getting tired of scrolling through Snapchat just to see some suggestive ad for this app. It’s nasty and I’m growing very irritated. Please stop putting dirty suggestive ads up. Thanks.

Loved it

This app is so addictive and the best on the road.I absolutely love it.

How could they do this?

By taking such a feature, you are going to lose multiple users, and possibly be hated more(actually not possibly), so I don’t see why you have to take off free writing hooks. It’s completely idiotic.

Dwaun I like

Love it


I quite dislike how u need to pay to read, or wait. It should be every story u read, then u wait a day. Makes it easier. Otherwise, I love it.


Good app but wish you could have unlimited hoots.But over all good app!

Why does it make you wait?

Why the ???? Does it make you wait 30 minutes to keep reading. AND BRING BACK STORY WRITING


In problems so far hope this is a good app

Bye, stories

I used to enjoy this app, honestly. However, I just went back in to reread everything I wrote months ago. It told me to go a website and enter a code with my gmail. I put in my gmail and typed in the ONLY NUMBER ON MY SCREEN that was below the gmail on the directions. But oh man, that didn’t work. Now all of my stories are going to be deleted because I can’t find any code. I checked my gmail and everything! Thanks a lot.


First of all, this is a cash grab. You can't see any images without paying for a subscription. It's dumb. Second of all, you get "taps." Once you run out of taps you have to wait half an hour. This is a waste of my time and I recommend to not get this app. But maybe if the creators of this app fixed this they would get a much more better viewpoint from me.




The stories are interesting. But if the story has a picture in it, you have to pay to see it, and after getting to the good part of the story, you have to pay to continue reading or wait a half hour.


This is an awesome why to spend your extra time

Bad app

You require a subscription just to view pictures which is just bad

Awesome game!

I recently downloaded this game and it was so much better than any other game I played.

Awesomest game ever

I loved this app right as I got it I loved the scary stories.

I used to like it

I used to like it until I found out you have to pay. I’m not in the mood for paying real money to see pics in this app. Hooked=ur money 💸🗑⏳⌛️💡🔦🕯📲💻


The app is ok but it is kind of stupid how you have to pay for photos during the chat and how you have to wait 30 minutes to do any other story. The story's are good but the fact you have to wait ruins that. But overall the app is ok.


I am SO and I mean VERY angry that they took away the only thing people really were interested in when getting this app! BEING ABLE TO WRITE YOUR OWN STORY! Sure reading story’s are great and all, but that give you a short time limit then you have to wait 30 mins to continue. But the main reason I’m writing this terrible review is the FACT they took away the ability to write your own story! DO NOT GET! I REPEAT DO NOT GET! It’s very disappointing.

Not worth $15 subs!

I love this app! I really do, but this app is not worth a $15 subscription at all! That’s way too expensive for just a text storytelling app! I would subscribe to it if it was $3 or $4 a month subscription instead because not all of the stories are that great, tho a majority of them are really good and keep you hooked—literally! I’ll give this app a 5 star rating when the price of the subscription goes down or their are more incentives in having this app is added in the near further!


This is so cool and scary and I love getting scared


This app is rlly good but I hate the fact that you have to wait 30 unnecessary minutes. This game tests my patience so I might delete this app in a week.


I love this. It keeps me interested all the time. I just wish you didn’t have to wait 30:00 minutes or buy unlimited. Please fix that. 👍🙏🤳


The story’s are interesting, don’t get me wrong but to see the pictures, you have to sign up, and to listen to the audio too. Really upsets me,

do not download

you have to spend money to read longer than one minute and thirty seconds. you cannot even view the photos without having to pay 15 dollars – which is too much. this is just a way to gain money and guess what – this app won't be getting 15 bucks from me just to read campfire stories.

Free version unusable!!

With the free version your get to read for about a minute before they try to sell you an over priced subscription or you have to wait half an hour just to continue reading. I like the idea of the app but there is no way I can use the free version like this, it's horrible.

Hooked but....

I’ve been seeing these text stories on FB for a while now and kept debating on whether or not to download the app. Well upon downloading it I was slightly disappointed that I had to purchase a subscription in order to read the stories or see the pictures that accompany some stories. It’s slightly irritating to have to wait 30 minutes to finish reading once you get to a certain point in the story.


This app is the best! I love the scary stories and decided to give the romance a try and I love it! Best app to pass time!


It is the most coolest and scariest game they give you what they say there going to give you it so awesome you should try it out


The only thing I don’t like about it is when it tells you to stop reading and buy something but overall it’s very spooky and a jawbreaker


This is really good .. the long minutes to wait on the next episode is worth it 👍🏽

It's nice

The only thing I don't like is u have to pay for the 7-day free trial but otherwise it's AWESOME


Okay so every time I go to read I story that I have started it starts me ALL OVER and I keep having to tap through the parts I’ve already read and then it says, “out of hoots” freaking fix it! It is so annoying and I hate it.😒

Where is she?!

Just finished where is she?! Very good... I love this app!


I don’t know I just downloaded it and it takes forever to freakin open

Stealing my money

Somehow and some way it started taking(2) 2.99 for a 7 day subscription out of my account! How does that even work when I have 1 app??? I didn’t sign up for any subscriptions... come to notice this 10 months later that they’ve been charging me this WEEKLY! What a f’in scam.

I hate this update

I loved making stories but when I tried to export them they wouldn’t even export so i try updating which just leads to crashing P.S. i just want to have and write stories


Found this game through TapJoy to download and play for a reward. It's a SCAM and now I see why after looking at what these lazy developers put together lolz #sad

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