HOOKED App recensioner


Love it but Some times scares me but still great

Love ittttt

Its a good app

Love ❤️❤️😍😍

People don’t download it because they think its scary but you can find sooooo........ many its a great app overall ❤️❤️❤️

I love it. But the 15 min wait 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I love everything about hooked but, I hate when you have to wait 15 mins. I wish you could reduce it a little if you could it would be 5 star. Sometimes i forget about my story cause of the wait and it’s really annoying

Time to DIE🔪🔪💉

A little girl named Alex gets a scary video from a unnoticeable text

Very Misleading

I downloaded the app looking for something nice, then after one minute it says that I need to get the subscription, which is 5 dollars weekly, or wait 15 minutes. Also, you need the subscription if you want to see the pictures. Very misleading.


This is a good app but the wait it too long making you wait the whole day just to read more I guess that’s why it’s called hooked but it should be limited down to 8 hours

Paying for everything

I downloaded this app because of adds on YouTube. When I opened it up it gave an option of scary or romantic, which is nice. I chose scary but it came to a point were you had to PAY to read the rest of the story. Are you kidding me? And not only was it weekly, monthly, or yearly, but the lowest was$14.99! Why?! That is a really stupid choice, imo. If you want money, make it a "premium" feature that you buy once for $3 or something.

Life of the party

It stands for its name, long but good(¯―¯٥)\(^O^)/

Best game

I love his game so much

I love hooked I guess

I love hooked but does everything have to fricking cost money??


This is the best game to play when you’re bored and need to kill time. The stories definitely get you hooked.

I like it

I love it


I love it it is the most addictive game I think I forgot about all the other game…………!!! LOL


I love this game it is so fun

Good game

This game is really fun. So much stories to read. But I wish that you did not have to wait for a few minutes to read on. Otherwise it is super fun.

Love it

I really like it except i hate where you have to wait for 15 min. till you can read again. But it’s a really interesting app and very interesting stories!


People are un-installing this app because there is no writing tool! I came back after a year and guess what NO WRITING TOOL! Now People can’t express themselves anymore because of you guys and the stories you create are absolutely boring!! Just bring the writing tool back Please

Deleted app

I purchased something on the app 3 years ago and it says that I payed $2.99 on September 21 , 2018 . When I never did I haven’t used the app at all after I deleted it 3 years ago ! I’m so mad because this better not be on my mom card 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

The best

This is one of the best stories I ever saw and heard this is way beyond stories

It’s ok

I like this app...really but I wish you could chosse your stories instead of them throwing things they think you would like at u...because every person in different and so the want different stories....there are some that I have already heard and I kinda got tired of it. My suggestion is that u should have a setting where it’s like 1: I wanna pick my own and 2: Choose for me. But other then that...keep it up ☺️❤️


This app is not worth it unless your trying to spend 40 bucks to read a book. Not only that if you don’t pay you can see pictures and can’t read an entire story without waiting 15 minutes. Like I said, to expensive.

Unhappy Customer

This app has been stealing money from me for years and I never even knew. I had purchased a one week subscription for $2.99. After that week I deleted the app thinking it would cancel my subscription. Not only did it not cancel it but it charged me twice per week $2.99 so it was near $6 in total. There is no way for me to refund this either.

Why make us wait

Why do make us wait for more stories when you can get rid of the wait time I think if you can’t see the pictures it can’t Count as reading and I like reading but when it is irrupt I do not like it so plz change it but I still like it


It is a amazing app and it could have some funny story’s but everything else is awesome

Review ♥️♥️

I got this app a while ago and I have loved it. One thing I wish there was is having new stories weekly cause (this may sound nerdy) I read a lot! So I would love if the creators added that. Otherwise the app if amazing. 👍🏻👍🏻. If you read this review and don’t have the app you should consider it. Also this review is not a spam! I am a real person 😛.

The Worst App


A Life of the Party


i’m hooked💯

i can’t get enough of these stories😻


I went on here about a year and a half ago and i could make my own stories and i was happy BUT NOW no option i even signed up and it said i could write my own stories but i cant find the option im starting to think the authors are bots now cause you cant freking write them im disappointed cause i was a great author and now i cant do it i was breaking the fourth wall making zombie stories and now......NOTHING im very very mad and would comlpain more but its so bad that i cant even be mad cause everone else hates it now

Have to pay

Nah, I downloaded it and 1 minute in its asking me to buy access. Normally I would buy it if it were a few dollars or even $5 but $15 a month! Not even freaking good apps ask that much! Not worth it.


You have to wait just freaking listen to the rest of the story stupid

Things I love about hooked and my fonts about hooked

I love how they just surprised you Also how they have some story’s so spooky I would love to work with them And another thing I love about it is how the story’s sound so true I will definitely read this at night I’m 10 almost 11 and wanna work at this app now is my DONRS I don’t like how you have to pay for seeing the pics what if you don’t have any money And for audio too what if we can’t read even tho I can read spontaneous see but yeah if y’all can maybe slack down on that that would be wonderful thx

Not working

I had this app a few months ago and had to delete because I had no storage on my phone, I had recently tried to download it twice and it does not load anymore...

It’s great

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because you have to pay to see pics! What if you broke and don’t have to pay for the pictures!! Like me!! Other than that it’s great

YouTube is down

Might as well

Pretty gud

Nothing I have to say but pretty gud

Dude this game is awesome

This is soooooo dab!!!! I like this game


Super scary. I am sick and because I was sick I did not sleep all night, but it was also because the dreams I had were creepy and I saw a shadow... on the ceiling but no one was in my room...

An L for you and an L for me

You jump scared me on an add on Snapchat so in return for giving me PTSD I’m sending you this review.

Love it but...

I love this app, I got hooked! But you have to pay for everything!!!! To see the photos, to continue reading, and you have to wait 15-20 min to finish your story!


I am totally “Hooked” I’ve that the wait time is only 15 minuets would definitely recommend

Great APP

Great app this got my son to start reading I am glad this is an app. When he is in his room reading on the phone I ask him is he playing a game and he tells me”no mommy” I ask what is he doing and he tells me about. A book called double or something I just love that my 12 year old son can be interested in reading

All about money

The makers do not let you get to see the whole app. It insist you upgrade repeatedly and demands you wait 20 minutes after reading so far so you can finish. It shows a lot of pictures that require you to have upgraded the app. Would be a lot better if makers weren’t greedy and all about money.


so first I started reading and about 5 mins in I had to pay!! This is TERRIBLE


This app is a cool app but I hade to delete it because I was being charge money on the app when I bought nothing

How I feel

I’m literally hooked

Best stories

They are scary interesting and I like to read them when I’m bored lol


Being interested, I downloaded the app. They want to give me a 7 day free trial - great! Then I see it ... $4.99 A WEEK!😲 Really? A week? Recurring billing, of course. I don’t care how good the stories may be, I can get good stories every where! But I refuse to pay $4.99 a week for it!

I love hooked

I love hooked so much because i love there stories and even horror i love so much

The story’s I love them

Keep on making story’s also can u make the pictures free Thx👍💩👅😀😃😄😁😆🤡

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