HOOKED App recensioner


Love it but Some times scares me but still great

Love ittttt

Its a good app

Udder Crap

The app has you pay a SUBSCRIPTION in order to actually be able to use it and it says free but dosnt tell you what you actually have to pay.


It’s awesome I’m addicted to this but I wish the I didn’t have to wait 15 mins for more hooks and I don’t have the money for unlimited.

This is so stupid

This app is such a waste of time. They try to make you pay for the full details of the story, and the writing is so terrible. Don’t waste your time. Would give 0 stars if I could.


This app is amazing ! Crazy, exciting,jaw dropping stories ,I can’t wait to read more

Why does every thing cost money

I thought I could just read BUT no you gotta pay to see a picture 👎


Why do I have to pay $15 to see what happens next in the scary story’s.

So stupid

I enjoy reading and got pulled into this app because of an ad. I downloaded it and was annoyed to find out that I couldn’t just pick a story or read (I wanted to finish the one from the ad). Then I found out I’d have to pay to see the pictures. We hen after a minute it froze and told me I had to wait to finish 15 minutes before I could continue reading or pay for a subscription. So stupid. It’s fine if you want to make money, but I think more people would use your app if you had a selection of truly free stories and sections you could subscribe to. Let people actually appreciate what you are offering before you try to ask for money. Let me actually finish a few stories so I can determine if it’s actually worth spending my money on. I wish I could give this thing zero stars. Shortest amount of time I’ve ever kept an app. I literally downloaded it and then deleted it within 5 minutes.

it could have been great

The stories are fine and all but where’s the writing tool?? This really needs to be brought back!! Really quite disappointing.


Such a ripoff makes you pay per month to see/read anything important. Might as well watch the trailer because that’s what you get without a monthly subscription. It also delays how much you can read without the monthly subscription either. In other words, get ready to pay $70 per year for an app that tells short stories

Pretty good👍

It’s a good app fun stories sometimes they can get long and boring and I also miss the create your own because it added a new cool experience that other apps like this don’t have if that was different it would be 5 stars


Great game


This app is great I love the scary story’s!!!


luv it


This will keep you at the edge of your seats


They have gr8 stories u really do get hooked I love this app

Still being charged

How do I unsubscribe so my card will stop being charged???

This is a very good app

I love this app. It is very, very addictive. All the horror ones are sooo good.


This is the best app ever created I love it.


I hate hooked.This is why I always use yarn.Ok when u come in the app it says what story do you want to read? Romantic or scary I said scary.It took me to a scary story It took me to a picture I pressed it and it said I had to pay monthly to see it I got a little mad and said 4 stars so far.So I kept reading the story got to a really good part AND IT SAID I HAD TO WAIT 15 MINUTES TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY! I got mad and said half a star.I don’t recommend getting this app.... if you don’t want to pay monthly.Go get yarn😂 sorry hooked but that’s a no no


This is where I need a story. If you need to keep from getting bored this is the app. It just pulls you in.

False Advertising

When I created my account it said that when I did this I could write stories. But that was a lie. No writing tool is available. Horrible app horrible way to steal readers money

Wait... What!!!!

I had the app before and I didn't really like it, but I re-downloaded it again cause I couldn't find any other interesting app! So I went in and I read some story's and they were pretty good! And I was wondering if I could make a story. So I signed in and I thought there would be something there to make a story... But no. There are already some apps that u can make a story but it wont go out publicly. And by that I was kind of disappointed. So that's why i gave the app 2 stars.

Tomato ball

It succed


Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad


You either pay $4.99 a week or you can’t see the several photos in the texts and you have to wait 15 minutes to keep reading after the dramatic part is introduced. No thanks.

I dunno

This is pretty good but just ONE complaint not everyone has money that’s it other than that it’s really good also I’m going to be playing this at 3am wish me luck


It’s awesome

Force you to spend money

I deleted this app in 5 minutes after it makes me wait fifteen minutes to keep reading a story or buy the unlimited version. And the images aren’t visible unless you buy the full version.


I love Hooked so much if I’m bored I turn to that and it keeps me busy.Thank y’all so much for coming up with this app!!👍👍

Please notice this before getting the app

The only reason why I even rated it 2 stars is only because the stories are good. But, you have to pay for pictures and SIT AND WAIT for 15 MINUTES, just to read more. But there's a magical thing called wanting money from people. So you can either wait a whole fifteen minutes, or pay a pretty big price for a subscription that really only changes two things. Pictures and waiting fifteen minutes. It's not fun! SO PLEASE CHANGE THIS. It would make the app a lot better🙏🏻

Won’t download

I had full storage and recently deleted evreything off my phone exited to download A new app I downloaded hook but it wouldn’t download I even tried other apps to see if it was just this game all the other apps downloaded.i know I didn’t get to use this app but friends feedback leads me to believe it is nothing but a waste of time and space so if you reAd this plz perfect this awful unworthy AppStore game.....Thankyou from dappmasterlexr


This app won’t even let you read half a story without making you wait 15 mins or making you buy “Hooked Unlimited.” Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, DISSAPOINTING!

I really liked this app but...

I actually just got the app yesterday everything was great and now it just keeps loading it won’t let me into the app it goes to the black screen with the hooked logo then white screen with the little loading circle I can’t get in I was just on the app this morning and now nothing fix it please I actually enjoyed this app


I didn’t like this game because you have to pay to see the photos and pay to continue the stories or wait 15 minutes even though you’ve only been reading for one minute.

I can’t write stories!!

I had this app a while ago, but then I deleted it. I redownloaded it now and discovered that I can’t write stories!!! That’s really disappointing because that’s one of the reasons I redownloaded the app.


It’s great😌🤪🧐😘😌😌🙃😌😘😉😌😘😙😛😙😘😙😘😌😌😚😘😚😘😝😊😘😘😌😌😌😘😌😌😘😘😛😛😙😛😌😌🙂😚🙂🙃🤣😉😙😝😗😉😙😝

love it

this app is so awsome i never thought text stories could be so awesome

I can’t find a story

There’s a story that’s always in the ads about a dentist apt gone wrong but I can’t find out the name someone help please;)

Bad app it’s a scam

Terrible app I lost $15+ cause it wouldn’t let me cancel I want my money back rn!!!!


Not even five mins into the story and you have to pay to see the images smh

Not very good

The stories are okay. The app just has barely any variety in genres and they are constantly asking for you to pay a monthly subscription to see pictures and not having to wait fifteen minutes to keep reading. The app just isn’t great because of it.

You must pay $$$ to read a story straight through

The app seemed to have interesting stories but I was not even allowed to read an entire story without forced 15 min breaks because it was required that I pay and subscribe. Because of this I struggled to get through even a single story. Waste of time and gimmicky.



Deleting the app

So I downloaded the app because I watched on Snapchat and it was a good way to pass the time. However, when you start reading the story, it stops and makes you wait 15 minutes or purchase a subscription! I will be deleting the app


I have to wait 15 minutes to continue reading. No view of images PUT ADS ON YOUR APP! FFS

eh 😒

i dont like how you have to wait to read more of a story. i dont wanna pay $4.99 a week for unlimited reading and ect. and i really miss how you could make your own stories but you cant anymore! please bring them back and i will be more happy!!


Love it


Just terrible


This app has great stories, but unless you want to pay $15/ monthly, I wouldn’t bother wasting the data to download. Because unless you pay the $15 you can literally do nothing. Don’t believe me? Go ahead.. try it. See for yourself.

I hate this app 😒

It won’t let you look at the pictures it would lag and it wouldn’t even let you get to the next page without it saying GET NEW STORIES or WANNA GET MIRE STUFF FOR FREE? but you have to pay for it this day.. WHAT?!? God I FLIPPIN hate this app LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

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