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Love it but Some times scares me but still great

Love ittttt

Its a good app


Of course u have to pay nothing is free anymore

I have a question.

I pressed the 7 days free month trial and i don’t know how to stop the renewal.


I don't like this app at all I found it dumb and then I get scared easy and I'm paranoid and seen a ghost thing on your add and now I'm scared so I hate you guys you should think about people like me!😫🙄


I wish I could give this no stars. I love the whole idea of text read but seriously if you want more people when you say “7 days free” TELL them straight after it’ll just charge your credit card without even an ask. Or notification! I tried the 7 days free and it didn’t tell me it’ll just charge my card right away afterword. I wanted to see how this would go and how the stories would be. They’re awful and to short and they aren’t worth $15. Get better stories and make them longer and WARN people beforehand about the instant charge after day 7.


I love it

Love it!

The authors are great! I enjoy the stories. I like the variety. Some short, some longer... it works for me

Best scary stories

I read the first story and I loved it hope to read more but I do not like how you have to wait for 30 minutes every now and then just to read but it is good either way

Interesting App But...

This is an interesting app I love it so much but the only thing that irritates me is that you have to wait to get passes if you didn’t sign up to pay for it.

It’s so posted to be 17+

It’s 17+

Awesome app

Hi I love this app it's so much fun and scary and romantic 💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😬😬😯😦😧😲😮😵😳😱😨😰

Cool first story !!!!!

I loved that first story it was great spooky kept me guessing I never wanted to leave the page I think it is great i might just support a version of the app, I think it was a reasonable price! I followed the Author on Instagram!!! Alright in to the next story :-D I can’t wait.


It has great stories 💫

It’s good but the wait is long

I think that it is good but the only way to make it better is to make it add free

Good, but I wish not to pay

The app is very good, but I wish not to have to pay to hear and see the pictures and sound. Also I hope that I wouldn't have to wait to see the next chapter.

Yes :)

So much better than Yarn.

Best game ever

Today I downloaded this app and I can’t stop playing. But I have one question, WHERE ARE THE OTHER THINGS?, like Mystery, comedy, action, and maybe a reality life. If you get this, could you please answer my question?

Get this app!!!!!

This app is amazing!!! You feel ever emotion in ever word! It’s like the book you’ve always wanted!!!

You need to pay to do ANYTHING!!!

I just got this app and it sounded pretty cool but then when I started a story it wouldn't show any of the pictures or play any of the music because I was not on a subscription, I immediately deleted it!!! The stories aren't that good and about 1/4 th of the way they make you wait 30min before you continue unless you have bought a subscription!! I would only recommend this app if you are willing to pay for it!

Best stories ever

These stores are very entertaining but they are also very amazing that people actually take their time and write this mysterious and awesome stories.☺️

Love It❤️❤️❤️❤️

My Favorite Story Was The One With alexia and andy! And Does Anyone Else Play Roblox Tell Me In Another Review <3

Great idea, poorly executed

The plots are weak, the pictures contradict the story and are cheap stock photos. If the story takes place at night, the picture shouldn’t be at day. If the guy is standing on the driveway why is he pictured in a yard. If you’re gonna charge 4.99/week to access the stories, you should at least create original media content that fits the story.

free stories !!

i wish you wouldn’t have to wait 20 mins or pay to finish the story.. now it’s like every app has something like that.. like lemme finish my story. i don’t wanna pay to read. other than that everything is good

Mostly Great

I love the whole app except for when you get into part of a story and you are really into it and you have to wait like 30 minutes to continue reading and when it tells you to wait you just want to keep reading. Whenever it pops up saying how much time you have to wait or your other options it always ends with a cliffhanger.

Good app 🤗🤗

I really love this app I had it before and it got deleted but I got it back and I was so happy 😁 because I missed all the the amazing 😉 story’s. One of my favorite story’s were the old house go check it out 🤗🤔😛

Good, but......

So I have seen advertisements for hooked but I wanted to read a certain story. I can not find it. Put in a search bar!!!

Bs money grab

Don't bother



Great story telling

I like it.


This app makes you setup a plan to pay weekly or yearly to see the photos.

Its so amazing

I love this app it really does get me hooked and I also love how after a while they leave you off with a cliffhanger by having 30mins to not read.


Downloaded it for two minutes, then deleted because it was a horrible. Anticipate stories, but to much time and money to find out what the moral of the story is. Not worth it🤷🏼‍♀️

Difficult to make an account

It's very hard to make a hooked account. To make an account, you gotta put you first name, last name, a user name, your email, and a password. Simple right? Well in this case, not exactly. On the bottom, it says press done and read terms. First of all, there was NO done button. Second, I read the terms, and there was no agree button. Hooked needs to be fixed.

Stop trying to steal my money.

Stop. I don’t use this app anymore and when you see the payment not going through cause I don’t want no more of your subscription. TAKE ME OFF THAT PLEASE. You ******* right now. I unsubscribed and want you to don’t block me from downloading my apps. Go away!!

The good and the bad

I love hooked! It gives me something to do when I’m bored or when I have some free time. I like how it has multiple genres and different kind of stories. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the way they hide the images. They already make us pay if we don’t want the waiting times. And the images go along with the stories so why would we need to pay to help us picture it in our heads?!


This is amazing. But some of the stories are trash. Still like it though


I love it

Amazing app but 1 thing bugs me

The app is amazing and addictive but the 30 minutes are not the best I would lower it to 10 minuets

I love this app

OMG I love "HOOKED" it's the best app ever it's so awesome who ever created this is super awesome!!!! 😍😍

There’s kids on this, change your ad.

What is up with your guys ads?! When playing a free game that has ads, I see yours and there’s this monstrous lady coming out under leaves. How is this appropriate for young children? This can easily scare children yet alone me. This needs to be fixed. Consider the children’s that play games.


too many ads and the ads r scary

Not really...

This game isn’t that good because you need to wait a long time to play it again. And you need to pay money for not having to wait. But when you buy it, you’ll run out of time soon.


Ok, I understand everyone needs to make a living but 15 dollars? For text stories? It’s so stupid... dumbest thing but at least the stories are good


Good story’s but charges me every single story

Not good

Used to be good but now you barely can make it through a story without a subscription and to see photos is just dumb, your making people pay to see a image and that’s just dumb.



Umm missing something

So before I deleted it I made a few stories, now I re-downloaded it and I can’t find out how to read my stories, fix this.

Great app

This is a great app the only thing I have against it is that it makes you wait to read


This is the best ever! Yes I love it it’s the best app ever!


When I am board I read these stories!! I love this app, it is spooky enough to scare someone on a camping trip! LOVE IT!!!

Bunch of crap

The first time I download this I clicked the pic and it told me to buy the second time I tried to hear the sound I need to pay and then half way I have to freakin wait 30 min for the other half.

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