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Love it but Some times scares me but still great

Love ittttt

Its a good app

Writing Features

I think that a lot of people liked this app because of the feature that you could write your own stories. Please add this back

Pay to win

You can do literally nothing without a subscription, and the free trial is stupid because it forces me to have money in my account to get something for free. That's just a jerk move, you dev pricks.

This is awesome

Word to everything I don’t even read books, they’re mad boring but these stories on Hooked they the real deal

Waiting FOREVER!

This app is so insufferable. I will wait over 2 hours, then when I open the app, I have to wait 2 MORE hours just for 5 minutes of texts that I can read anywhere else. Terrible.😠

Infinite time

The story I started reading is good but then when I had to wait 30 minutes I did I opened it again after 30 minuets I went back in the game and it said 30 minuets left and I kept waiting and it keeps going on and on and on I hope you can get this fixed sorry

It’s good

I like it a lot but I think u need to add more like misterys story’s



One word:


It’s okay but...

I love the stories and I don’t mind the wait time between readings. But now if I close the app it always says I have a wait time when I open it again. So I have to leave the app open for 30-45 minutes and then read it, which is really annoying. It didn’t do this until the most recent update so I’m hoping this gets fixed. Soon.

Love it😻😻❤️❤️

ITS AWESOME!!!!!❤️🐡😻. LOVE IT😊😛😻

Come on...

This app isn’t great, but isn’t bad either but there’s just one problem I’m CONSTANTLY having, like sometimes I would wait the whole 30 mins but then, the timer would start OVER and make me wait another 30 minutes, it keeps doing that and I’m honestly getting annoyed. It’s making me lost interest in the story I’m reading and I might delete the app. Fix the problem.

Yeah baby

I love this game

Writing tool discontinued?

Yeah....I agree with Guddybuddy101. Half of the fun was being able to write and publish your own stories, then be followed because of that. Now, I have no reason to follow someone if they don’t have any stories that they published themselves, nor do they have a reason to follow me. I’m in the dark about the reason you got rid of it, and while I’m sure you had certain complications, the Hooked app simply isn’t worth spending my money on if I can’t express my ideas on it, too. I really do enjoy it, it just doesn’t hold the same flare it used to have.

Time Needs To Be Fixed.

It used to be all good, but now for some reason when I’m done reading part of the story and the “Wait for 30 minutes” pops up I wait 30 minutes then I go back into the app and the timer hasn’t even started yet. It has happened 3 times already. Yes, I check back every once in a while to make sure it’s still going, but when the time is supposed to be up, it’s at the beginning even though I’ve checked and it’s been pasted that.

Hooked review

I got this app and the stories are cool but I’m blown that to see the pictures I have to pay for it EVERY time and while I’m reading it says that I need to wait 40 minutes or pay money. I swear this was the one app that constantly popped up when I was playing a game but when I finally get it and it won’t even let me finish the dang thing!

Writing tool

What happened to the writing tool?! I only created an account just to be able to write my own stories!! 😡😡


This is getting ridiculous. When I wait my 30 mins, I click and BAM! It says I have to wait again. Seriously? Plus 15 dollars just to see the pics? Deleting, I’m getting cliffhanger.

It’s having some problems

So when I have to wait for 30 mins I wait for that and when I try to read it, it says that I have to wait 30 mins🙄🙄

Stupid app

You should not have get some stupid premium crap I don’t even get scared and oh ya your stupid pictures of crappy scary people and there’s to much weird romantic stories and my little nephew would probably cry if he played this stupid app and that’s not a good thing because he would not be able to sleep


Hey! I love this app, it’s my favorite. I’m obsessed with the stories and I’m currently reading The Intruder. It’s amazing. The only reason I don’t put 5/5 stars is that with the recent update if I didn’t go to the app right when my 30 mins is done, it starts the time over again! I’m pretty disappointed. Please fix this. Michaela

Waste of time

It hasn’t let me get past the first few messages then makes me “wait” for 30 minutes unless I want to pay for the subscription. So I wait 30 minutes and come back... just to have the 30 minute timer reset itself. I’ve had this app for two days and haven’t been able to play for more than five minutes.

I cant read

I am not going to buy the membership, so i do the 30 min timer to wait, but recently it has not been letting me read and it just restarts the time. Please fix this!


Starting from yesterday when i downloaded this, it hasn't been working. i’m mad as heck rn

I Like It! 😁

I like it I love the creepy story they made and it’s just cool I could prank someone on my phone that it really happened! It’s cool how the creation is amazing!

Annoying problem

Okay so there is a problem with the timer. I wait the 30 minutes then come back and the timer is reset! It’s super annoying like wow seriously making me wait an hour to read the rest? I don’t want to pay but this is seriously getting annoying. Other than that it’s pretty good but I want to write my own stories but idk how, is there a feature?

Bad bad bad bad

It was scary and gives you nightmares and I hate it it’s just some losers created it don’t get it

Amazing but glitches

So I have deleted redownloaded it and then read the new stories but my phone keeps saying wait another 30 minutes to read more and I have waited a day


I really liked this app! But I had two problems. The first is I could not find the writing tool AFTER I SIGNED IN. Also🤔🤯 every time I go into the app it starts from thirty minutes, it’s a weird bug and now I can never read any of the stories

Annoying timer

I haven’t subscribed to the app so like every two minutes there is a 30 minute wait time which is really annoying because for me every time I go back on the app the timer restarts from 30minutes.


Constantly. I’ll wait the 30 minutes for me to be able to continue the story and it’ll make me wait an additional 30 minutes. As in typing this I’ve waited 1 hour and 30 minutes and am still waiting. If your going to have a free option you cannot screw them over in terms that are already implanted. I get a notification sayings it’s ok for me to continue reading and as soon as I open the app I get a countdown for an additional time.


Every time I wait more than 30min then I have to wait 30 more minutes and it about the 5th time it happens 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

hate the new update

i really enjoy the app except i just got the newest update on my iPhone and it won’t allow me to read anything. every time i enter the app it shows up as thirty minutes to wait. although that is my only issue with this, it really ruins the app for me. i’m sorry

What the hell.

Every time I open he app, the 30 minute delay timer always resets. I’ve waited 24 hours and it still hasn’t given me my chance to read some more of the story I’m presently reading


I got the game and it was either buy the unlimited or don’t get to read anything👎

I miss the old Hooked!!!

Hooked use to be free and use to not have many ads. There were endless choices and I hate how there is a time limit now.


Okay so I waited the 30 mins or what ever the time is and then I went on it and said that I had to wait another 30 mins I though ohh I need to wait an hour waited another 30 mins and went back on it the same thing happened so yeah some ones needs to fix this


Okay, a few days ago the app worked fine. But just recently, the timer restarts over and over again when it’s done, I don’t have the hooked unlimited, I have the free version. The when the timer’s done, it restarts again. 🕗-🕗 it just restarts after it’s done. Please, get it fixed!!


I’m hooked whenever I start reading it is soooooo good!

Pissing me off

I shouldn’t even give this app a one star it is horrible. It doesn’t let me sign in. If you want your app to be better than fix it! 😡😡😡 u want people to bye this app than fix it because I am not putting up with this crappy app!!! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

Click bait ads brought me here

And a click bait review will see me out.

I’ve had a “wait 30 minutes” timer for the last 3 days

It’s clickbait in an app.




Every time I open the app after the update it restarts the timer until I can read the next part. I love this app but it’s useless to me if I can’t use it.


Remember this unique app that can you can make your own story? Well guess what? Its gone! I used to love it now I dont. 2 stars only. FIX THIS HOOKED. WE WANT TO MAKE OUR OWN STORIES.



WOW!!!! But...

Amazing content. But I don't like the fact that I have to wait 30 minutes every time I'm halfway through an episode. And I can't see the photos without paying. So three stars

These stories are so lame it’s painful

Don’t waste your money.


there is no reason this app should cost this much. and I know for sure no body is paying this. if anything it should be a one time charge of $1.99 while installing. i pay less than that for spotify and netflix combined and they have so much to offer. totally ridiculous that the creators even think that this app is worth that


It is way too expensive! I can’t afford this!


This app that has a lot of stories, is amazing to me. I’ve also watched the short films of it and they were creepy as hell. But I have two problems for this app, one is that why would you have to pay to read a lot of pages continually? My second question is that why would you also have to pay to see the picture cause then it gets really boring and no one likes it. Right now I am waiting for it to load it again and btw, I am reading the story “Dzuma”. And it is pretty creepy. I’ve gotta say that the people who created this app really worked really hard on this but I will ask you if you can cancel the payment thingy of the images cause a lot of people want to know what is behind that picture and otherwise, I’ve gotta say this app is was one and very helpful cause it is understandable!

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